Sub250 Nanofly20 2“ Walksnail Avatar 1S Mini FPV Drone


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Nanofly20 2“ Walksnail Avatar 1S Freestyle Quad
💥Sub250 Announcement💥 👇Redfox Al F4 5A Update Log👇
✅1. The flight control firmware is updated to 4.4
✅2. Elrs (SPI) is updated to 3.0 firmware
✅3. The ESC firmware can be refreshed to BLS firmware
✅4. There is a new configuration file for Nanofly16 and Nanofly20
✅5. Fixed some known issues
❗️Note: We suggest Nanofly16 and Nanofly20 upgrade right now! You will get better performance after updating!
👇How does it work? Please click the below link to download the file👇

Sub250 released the latest Nanofly20. We created a 2-inch drone with a wheelbase of 88 mm and named it Nanofly20. you can experience the fun of it at home. Nanofly20 is equipped with the latest 1002 21000kv motor, which feels light and moves with your heart. Highly integrated FC, we have integrated all electronic products except the camera on one FC.We will launch three versions of the Analog, HDZero, and Avatar. And we firmly believe that the small wheelbase FPV drone not only brings the characteristics of indoor flight but also a new kind of fun to freestyle in the courtyard. Nanofly20 will replace the 5-inch FPV drone in your hand and become your new choice for freestyle.

1. Weight of the drone is less than 250g, you can take it off without registration.
2. The 1002 21000kv motor has plenty of power, and the 1s battery can also have an excellent flying feel!
3. Ultra-highly integrated flight control board, lightweight design
4. The carbon fiber bottom plate design enhances the overall strength of the rack.
5. Small flying noise, quiet flight.
6. A new choice for freestyle in small indoor spaces.
7. High selectivity of Video transmission, compatible with mainstream high-definition  Video transmission(  Avatar/HDZero).

Note:  Equipped with the latest version of  Walksnail Avatar mini VTX (Smaller and lighter)
Brand Name: Sub250
Version:  Walksnail Avatar 1S Mini
Product name: Nanofly20
Frame: NF20
Wheelbase size: 88mm
Arm thickness: 1.5mm              
Flight Controller: Redfox A1 F4 5A 4in1 AIO FC
IMU: ICM42688-P
OSD:BetaFlight OSD w/AT7456E chip
ESC:  Bluejay O-H-5 96K
VTX:  Walksnail Avatar mini 1S VTX
Camera:  Walksanil nano
Propeller:  HQprop 51mm*3
Antenna:  Copper tube antenna
Motor: Sub250 1002 21000kv
Receiver Version: ELRS (SPI)
Battery: Recommend 530mAh 1S 90C LiHV battery(Not include)

Package Includes:
1 x Nanofly20 Walksnail Avatar 1S Mini Quad
4 x HQ 51MM-3  propellers
1 x Phillips-head screwdriver
1 x 1.5 mm screwdriver
3  x  M1.4*3 Phillips screw
1 x  GNB27 to PH2.0 Adapter Cable