All defective merchandise, unless otherwise indicated, may be returned for a replacement within 30 days of the product(s) being delivered to the customer. Anything beyond (30) days of delivery will not be eligible for return. If the product(s) received have been opened, used or damaged, no return options will be offered. If the item is in brand new condition but requires to be repackaged a (15%) restocking fee will be applied. The shipping cost for any unwanted product will not be refunded by Sub250 (It is recommended to choose a return shipping method with tracking).

Each claim should have all proof of defect by mean of photo or video showing clearly the defect of the product. Please create ticket with photo or video of claim and show that detailed description of what you have already done to fix it. We are happy to solve any problem you may meet.

More Details:

General Parts
Products not specifically listed, such as; antennas, monitors, hardware, and general accessories are covered by a (30) day manufacture defect warranty. If a problem occurs from a defect in the product an exchange or store credit will be issued. Sub250 holds the right to refuse any products which have been deemed to be damaged by the customer and not related to a manufacturer issue.

Flight Controllers / ESC / VTX
All flight controllers (FC), electronic speed controllers (ESC), video transmitters (VTX), power distribution boards (PDB), and similar electronic components are covered under a (15) day Sub250 warranty. These items are covered in the event of a manufacturer defect. This policy does not cover any of the following: user error, damage to the components upon installation/dismantling, modifications, power surges, electrical fire, or water damage. (Sub250 recommends testing all components for shorts before supplying power).

Warranty claims will not cover the following:

  • No purchasing record from Sub250 or authorized dealers
  • Cut off original power plug or not using reverse polarity protected plugs
  • Wire damaged
  • Any crash damage
  • Humidity/Water inside
  • Mechanical damage of electronical components/PCB
  • Soldered on the PCB (except on external solder-tabs) and incorrect soldering

    If you have issues with soldering to smaller components…. STOP. Please seek professional assistance before attempting.
    Connected speed-control with reversed polarity. There are special components that are in use to detect when this happens.

    Return Process
    Request a Return/Exchange online or over the phone with a Sub250 Representative.

    Please allow 3-5 business days for processing once your order arrives at our facility. Items requiring extensive testing could take up to 7-14 business days.

    Note: No warranty shall apply to any product that has been subject to misuse, improper testing, assembly, mishandling, or which has been operated contrary to current instructions relating to installation or maintenance or operation from the use of any equipment purchased form this store.

    It is the buyer’s responsibility to use the items safely and legally and to take proper measures to prevent any damage to person or property from the use of the equipment.

    *Sub250 Email:support@sub250.com