Sub250-CW1 Charger Support for GNB27 and PH2.0 Plugs (Support Battery of Whoofly16 Nanofly16 /Nanofly20)


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Sub250-CW1 Charger for a battery of Nanofly16/Nanofly20/ Whoofly16

1. Type-C input, support power supply for power bank, mobile phone, laptop, etc.
2. Built-in buzzer, the buzzer will sound three times when the battery is fully charged.
3. Support voltage measurement, the voltage can be displayed by directly inserting the battery.
4. Status light: green light when idle, red light when charging, green light when fully charged.
5. Support GNB27 and PH2.0 plugs (when charging, only one battery can be charged in each channel. Note that two batteries cannot be inserted into the same channel at the same time.)

Brand: Sub250
Product name: SUB-CW1
Input voltage:5V
Output Interface: PH2.0/GNB27
Maximum total output current:2A
Size: 52x30x14.5mm
Input interface: Type-C Input Current:5V@2A
Single channel maximum output current:1A
Battery Type: Li-HV(4.35V)

Package Include:
1 x SUB-CW1 Charger
1 x Manual
1 x Aluminum foil packaging bag
1 x Sub250 sticker