Sub250 Whoopfly16 Ultra-light Analog 1s Tiny Whoop 75mm FPV Drone


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Sub250  Whoopfly16 Ultra-light Analog 1s Tiny Whoop FPV Drone


As the name (Whoopfly16) suggests, this is an inverted pusher with a protective frame FPV drone. You will not feel unfamiliar with this layout, 2.5 inches? 3 inches? Or 3.5 inches? No! We strongly launched the 1.6-inch whoop drone. It combines the characteristics of a short wheelbase for smooth indoor flight and the protection ring has strong protection characteristics. The one-piece injection-molded protective ring frame makes it safer to fly no matter whether you are a novice or an experienced pilot. Cooperate with the popular 1002 motor to get a strong power experience. Whoopfly16 has a very high degree of integration FC/ ESC/ELRS receiver including analog video transmission, which will be integrated into one piece. Whoopfly16 can adapt to mainstream 1s image transmission (analog, HD Zero /AVATAR). The analog video transmission will be equipped with an Ant eco lens from Caddx, and the elevation angle of the lens can be adjusted upwards by 30 degrees. With the latest 1s 530mah battery, the battery life can reach 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

This will be your new choice for indoor or outdoor racing. Make an appointment with your friends for a thrilling chase in the park or yard.



Analog Version:

Product name: Whoopfly16

Frame: WF16

Wheelbase size: 75mm

Flight control system: Redfox A1 F4 5A 4in1 1S AIO FC


IMU: ICM42688-P

OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/AT7456E chip

ESC: Redfox A1 4IN1 5A ESC (Included )

VTX: VTX 5.8G 200mW (Included )

Lens: Caddx Ant eco

Propeller: Gemfan 1608-3

Antenna: 5.8g copper tube antenna 70mm

ELRS Version weight: 35.2g

TBS Nano RX: 37.7g

Receiver: ELRS (SPI) / TBS Nano RX

Battery: Recommend 530mAh 1S 90C LiHV battery (Not included)


Package Includes:

1 x Whoopfly16 Analog drone

4 x M1.4 * 4 cross screwes

1 x Blue frame protection cotton

1 x Red frame protective cotton

1 x L-shaped inner hexagon screw blade

1 x Cross screw blade

2 x 3M double-sided tape

4 x 1608-3 propellers



  1. Inverted whoop FPV drone makes the paddle and motor more efficient.
  2. With the new 1s 530mah Lihv battery, the battery life can reach 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
  3. Highly integrated flight control, integrated flight control, ESC, remote control receiver, and video transmission.
  4. One-piece injection molded protective ring frame, higher strength, and less deformation of the frame during aggressive flight.
  5. The protection of the circle is enhanced, and novices and experienced pilots both are safe.
  6. There are many options for image transmission, you can choose HD Zero /AVATAR and analog image transmission 
  7. Use 1002 21000kv motor, abundant power "always ready to overtake"
  8. Indoor flight is safer with a small wheelbase and a protective ring, and it is handier to fly with a reasonable combination.
  9. Suitable for beginner indoor or outdoor advanced racing practice.